House in Hachikenya


House in Hachikenya
This house is built in the city suburbs. In recent years, the area around here is changing to housing area from farm area gradually. However, it is still possible to look at a generous spread of sky and mountain range from this site.

This house is a compact residence for a four-person family. It's designed on the basis of the 3m grid. I aimed at solving the three problems at the same time in the small space and the budget.

1-Keeping eight rooms which the client demanded.
2-Not giving the tightness to each room.
3-Designing the rooms where we can enjoy the spread of the exterior.
Two sets of the crossing walls support the Vertical load of this building and the roof.

These walls divided the interior of this house into eight rooms. Each room is divided with the sliding door. Some doors are perfectly hidden when it opens, because the door cases for these are set into RC wall. When all sliding doors are released, the whole house will be felt just like a oneroom space.

The steel pillars of the perimeter support the Normal load. In order to make the building look lightly, steel pillars are set into vertical frame of the sash.
I aimed at making rich living-space with only the composition of the basic element of construction, a floor, a wall, and a roof.
With the simple structural plan and the device of the detail, this minimum house got rich space.

Location: Fukuyama, Hiroshima, Japan
Main use: house
Site area: 671.52m2
Building area: 125.67m2
Total floor area: 120.19m2
Design term: 2005
Construction term: 2006